Jane West Night Pre-Pack®

Jane West Night Pre-Pack®

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Puff, Puff... Cap

The Jane West Night Pre-Pack® is a pharmaceutical grade, American made glass one-hitter with resealable cap. A dream come true for flower lovers, this piece can go with you anywhere. The black cap for night flower varietals makes it easy to identify what you need, when you need it.

Clean, convenient, and perfect for parties!

Reusable & Recyclable. 

Made in the USA.


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Alicia H.
United States United States
On the go goddess ✨

This product is so great for on the go! Pre pack put it in your bag and go. Great for a puff while your out, discrete enough for easy carry. High quality glass, Ive dropped quite s few times & it’s still in perfect condition. I only buy from Jane West ✨


We think so too! These little glass pipes are incredibly durable

Erica M.
United States United States
Very Convenient

I love that I can pack this ahead of time and not worry about it. Great to throw in my pocket and take for a walk. Also the quality is impeccable; easy to clean and still seals closed after multiple uses.

Venita H.
United States United States

Great product but I broke it accidentally

A FLWR Shop Customer
McKenna R.
United States United States

My husband tried this and he thought the ball was rather big in it and a lot of product have to be put in it. As a result he got extremely high. If anything I think you’d want to use less product than usual because it’s such a pure and clean tool. And I guess we’re confused as to whether these can be used more than once? At six dollars it seems a bit expensive to use on a regular basis. I’m not sure if these are better as promotional items on behalf of the company then for consumers to use?


Thanks for the feedback. The bowl fits anywhere from .25-.5 grams of ground material. If the Pre-Pack bowl was too large, you should try the Solo, which has a perfect 2 hit size bowl. The Pre-Packs are definitely re-useable (and recyclable). Because they are made from Pharmaceutical grade, American-made borosilicate, they are sturdier than most glass one hitters.

Bethany T.
United States United States

Great - smooth hit and easy to clean.